1999 paintings...

Pikachu Christmas(12/99)

I'm caught up in the Pokemon craze. If I have any problems with Y2K, I can work on training my Pikachu. On a different, but sort of similar note, I started this year working with Easy iMac, and I'm ending it almost in the same way... with a DV iMac. Happy Holidays!

Pikachu Footie(12/99)

A good friend of mine is a big anime fan. He also plays australian footie (as in rugby/football). Happy holidays, Jet!

Pikachu MichWu(12/99)

My favorite hockey player used to work with me at WebTV. Now that he's moved into a new home, I figured I'd help him decorate.


Write, right?(10/99)

Writing involves keeping up with the comptition (road runner), turning around chapters quickly (speedy gonzales), being technically accurate (the brain), but with a wacky sense of humor (wakko).

Writer's Block?(9/99)

While I was writing Easy iBook, I thought it would be funny if Marvin Martian were ever to use an iBook.

Deep Blue C (7/99)

I had been listening to the latest Art of Noise Album 'the seduction of claude debussy' and this image came into my head. One of the themes in the album is Debussy's efforts to communicate image with music or sound. I'm attempting to do the opposite here. Debussy's favorite color (according to the album) was blue. Also, I usually compose songs in C minor.

Easy Linux (6/99)

Sunset Hills (6/99)

The weather out here was a little cooler than usual this year. There were many days when the sunsets were an intense red color. I tried to capture the sunset as well as the fog that crawls into the Bay around dusk.

I also borrowed an image from Hawaii and took it a step farther. Some of the hills in Hawaii are supposed to be sleeping giants. In California (or at least in Silicon Valley), I thought the hills surrounding silicon valley sort of resemble those striving to IPO... and then there are all those Internet-related companies out here, too. I guess that's why the hills are more green than gold.

With Love, John Tesh (5/99)

My friend, Michael R, asked me if I could do a painting of John Tesh so he could treasure him forever. He was being sarcastic about John Tesh, but deadly serious about the painting. He's going back to UC Berkeley to pursue another degree. For those who don't know, UC colors are blue and gold.

We worked together on the new Classic WebTV box project. This painting shows the Philips Classic WebTV box, and all the things you need to use WebTV. If you look at the original photo Michael gave me, you'll see an abstract image of that photo of John Tesh merged with the different lines in the painting.

Under the Sea (4/99)

This one's for Tyler, born March 10, 1999. It's a two panel acryllic of some of the Under the Sea characters from Disney's Little Mermaid.

Surf's Watching (2/99)

The Dance (2/99)

Okay! (7/98)

I used a combination of oils and acryllics to paint Calvin & Hobbes.

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