Where's San Francisco?

Most people know where San Francisco is. It's that town north of Los Angeles. It's most popular for its role in building the trans-continental railroad, the Golden Gate bridge, and the 1906 earthquake. For me, San Francisco is where most of my family resides, and where I grew up. One of the more popular places to visit is San Francisco's Chinatown.


What I admire most about San Franciso is the rich heritage of architectural beauty. Both a combination of classical and modern elements, its always changing, yet not changing. There's so much to look at in San Francisco.

These photos were taken in June of 1998 near Union Square. I was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Russian hill area. In January, MacWorld San Francisco is held at Moscone Center, just south of Union Square.

St Francis Hotel

O'Farrell Street

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