Y2K Paintings

Holidays 2000 (December 18, 2000, 8" x 10")

The Linux penguin riding the cool new Apple mouse. Happy holidays everyone!

Chicken Run 2 (October 19, 2000, s 2 panels 11"x 14")

This one's for Heidi, born September 19th. Following my so-called tradition (see Under the Sea), this is a two-panel acryllic featuring the leading chickens from the movie Chicken Run.

Three-Oh!(September 19, 2000, 16"x20")

Whether she knows it or not, Kieca introduced me to a couple of super-cool cartoon characters, Mr. Lunch and Piyo Piyo. Tomorrow she's celebrating one of her milestone birthdays, so I thought I'd have two of her favorites say happy birthday to her.

Chicken Knitting(August 4, 2000, 24"x36")

Knitting turns out to be a common theme between Gromit and one of the hens in Chicken Run (I'm looking up her name at the moment). Visit danger.com for a little hint about what the rest of this painting means.

Bump, Set...(August 4, 2000, 30"x40")

I started this cartoon painting as an an oil painting. But tired of waiting for the paint to dry, I switched to acrylic. The sky was painted mostly with oil paints, the rest with acrylics. I'm not quite finished with this yet... someday...

Falling Leaf (August 3rd 2000, 16" x 20")

My attempt to paint a green-themed painting in the tradition of Deep Blue C and the red sunset from April of this year. I was thinking of how the dot coms have been getting trimmed, as well as all the wealth generated by Internet IPOs... and of course wireless. It's an abstract, okay?

Pao!(June 14th, 2000, 24"x30")

Paola likes Wallace and Gromit, so I threw in the chicken from Chicken Run, too. Chicken or pie?

Calvin & Hobbes 2000 (June 14th, 2000, 16"x20")

Matt liked my original Calvin and Hobbes so much, he asked for one for himself. I wanted this particular Calvin and Hobbes to look like the cartoon. Whereas the original was a hybrid of 3D and cartoon art.

Icelandic Poppies(June 12th, 2000, 8"x10")

Here's my first attempt to paint icelandic poppies for John Nemerovski.

Sunset #2(April 20th, 2000, 24"x36")

I was at a loss of words to name this one. Any suggestions are welcome. I was trying to do a sunset version of Deep Blue C.

Easy Villains(Feb 29, 2000, 10"x14", 2 panels)

Nick, my development editor at Macmillan, is a big Disney fan, particularly a fan of Disney villains. Khan (Mulan), Ursula (Little Mermaid), Hades (Hercules), and the evil Queen (Snow White) each ponder how easy it is to be villians.

Red, White and Blue(Jan 2000, 24" x 36")

Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Lucy Jen

On Jan 13th my grandmother passed away. Borrowing from Rothko and Matisse, I thought of both the joy of growing up with my grandmother as well as the sadness of losing her. She lived a simple life, and treasured American Cinema, especially its stars. I thought this image captured the abstract state of my youth as I knew her in the prime of her life.

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