Paintings - 2001

Peace On Earth (December 23, 2001 9"x12")

Two Frogs (December 24, 2001 12"x18")

Two Fishies (December 23, 2001 11"x14")

DSL Turtle (September 26, 2001 9"x12")

Lightning&Thunder (September 25, 2001 11"x14")

US Flag (September 15, 2001 8"x10")

Bouncing Ball (September 2, 2001 18"x24")

This is an abstract painting that I created as an exercise to break up objects and color. I created four flat planes and four round shapes, each differing in size. Where each line intersects, I tried to use a different color, and define a different pattern or shape.

Oak Tree (August, 2001 12"x16")

I saw the movie Pollock and developed an appreciation for abstract expressionist art. The first time I'd seen Jackson Pollock's artwork was in a art history class I took while attending UC Berkeley. I'd only seen Number One, and I thought it was very unique and amazing. But I didn't realize how abstract expressionism evolved as a result of world war one and two, and I hadn't quite figured out how expressionist style correlated with impressionist or cubist styles. Somehow Pollock brought me a little closer to understanding what motivated Jackson Pollock to paint. This is a painting of an oak tree from above.

Author Review(July 31, 2001 9"x12")

Another Deep Blue Sea (March 18, 2001 30"x48")

A sequel to Deep Blue C, which was inspired by Claude Debussy and Vincent Van Gogh. Like its predecessor, the color blue is the dominate theme in this painting. The sky and the ocean, as well as the beach are all the same color. The moon and the wind provide the secondary colors as well as the light source. If you're thirsty, this might help you switch from 7up to Storm.

Waterlillies (March 18, 2001 36"x48")

One of the first masters I decided to paint in an art class I took in college was Claude Monet. I bought a water lillies postcard from the bookstore at UC Berkeley anddrew a grid over it. Then I had to reproduce it as a 24 x 36" acryllic painting on paper (by drawing a larger grid, etc). I've been asked to create a painting with the Monet impressionist style. I decided to paint a variation of Monet's Waterlillies to practice painting in this style. If you look at this when you're hungry, it sort of looks like green eggs and ham!

Tall Oak (March 11, 2001 30"x40")

I started this painting while working on the Irises and purple oak paintings. I wanted to experiment with rain clouds, colors, and illustrate the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

Daffodils (March 11, 2001 8"x10")

It's been a rainy, end-of-winter this year. Daffodils and poppies are starting to pop up all over the place. These particular daffodils are in my neighborhood. I'm not exactly sure what painting style I was attempting to use here. But it's a variant, hybrid impressionist style.

Purple Oak (February 19, 2001 11"x14")

You may have seen my sketch of an oak tree on one of the other pages on this web site. I've wanted to create a painting of an oak tree for quite a while now. But I wasn't sure what painting style I should use, or what colors, etc. This painting is the first in a series of paintings of oak trees.

Purple Irises(February 16, 2001 16"x20")

I had seen Van Gogh's Irises painting at the Getty, and again in a local restaurant in downtown Los Altos. I had been thinking of painting my own variation of Van Gogh's painting, and this is what I came up with...

Stream (February 16, 2001 11"x14")

On February 3rd, I visited the Getty museum in LA. In the garden, there's a shallow stream made of thin, flat rocks. It was so beautiful I tried to paint it...

Sketch(January 13, 2001 8"x10")

This is a sketch for a painting I'll be working on.

Hillside(January 5th, 2001, 24"x36")

Another impresionist look at silicon valley. This time I tried to use yellow as the theme color for this picture of an early sunset.

LAX(Jan 4, 2001, 18" x 18")

I started the year off with an abstract painting. I wasn't sure what I was trying to show when I started. But I was thinking about Disney, and then Los Angeles. I decided to call this one LAX.

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